Zoe is a Living Sea Sculpture by Colleen Flanigan. Fabricated in 2011 in Cancun, installation into the sea was postponed due to a series of delays with contracts, permits, and unforeseen circumstances. The following 5+ years were filled with valuable lessons and growing relationships that led to its welcoming home sixty meters from shore in front of the Sand Dollar Sports Dive Shop and Sunset Restaurant, generous providers of power and internet. Zoe was invited to come to life in the unique coral restoration lab and underwater art museum, Musubo, a featured attraction of the annual Cozumel Scuba Fest. The first sculpture of its kind here in Quintana Roo, Zoe is easily accessed from shore by snorkeling, diving, or SNUBA.



Qualti Innovaciones Marinas calculating placement of electrodes for calcification


Installation in the fall of 2016 was a historic moment with a dedicated, talented international team. On September 29th, the webcam and electricity began to flow to attract human observers, calcium carbonate, and wildlife to this 5m x 3m x2m welded steel matrix inspired by DNA. It is electrified to build an ongoing calciferous collaboration with corals and other marine organisms in Cozumel, Mexico.  

Over four hundred backers from Kickstarter and Razoo crowdfunding campaigns, as well as numerous private donors and conservation leaders in Mexico supported this unique effort to restore corals in an area damaged by hurricanes, pollution, and other human activities. 


Zoecam fish3

Fish and marine life arrive at the new habitat within days  


Corals and humans share similar innate immunity genes. Living reefs are ancient ancestors carrying so much information about our health. We receive so many benefits from these biodiverse ecosystems and have so much to learn from them if they can beat the odds through evolutionary genius and human effort to prevent their complete collapse. The steel sculpture is made up of 2 helices coming together or dividing, you decide. Will we co-exist in the future?