The Story of Zoe

Zoe - A Living Sea Sculpture uses the power of art and technology
to highlight life’s fragility — and its promise.

Zoe in 2010, the year she died.

Zoe was killed by carbon monoxide, but its sister molecule is threatening our entire planet. Carbon dioxide is raising the world’s temperature and our oceans are carrying the biggest burden. Across the globe, seawater is becoming less habitable for many species due to rising temperatures, acidification, and pollution. Coral reefs are bleaching and dying rapidly as a result. 

The area where Zoe – A Living Sea Sculpture is sited has been gravely affected by unsustainable development and hurricane damage. What was once a gloriously rich coral ecosystem has lost much of its former glory. Perhaps with help not forever. Local divers and conservationists are working hard to restore the reefs. The Zoe Project is part of that effort. It is intended to inspire hope, caring, and action to protect our planet. If we help create the right conditions and halt our destructive activities, nature can once again revel in its abundance. 

There is rich symbolism here. The fusion of science and art, fragility and abundance, death and life, remembrance, a call to action, and a celebration of beauty. This is Zoe.

Gap year diving project, Borneo 2005