Zoe Coral Community

 Zoe is 4 meters deep in clear aqua blue waters with tourists visiting the site every day from the incoming international cruises that visit Cozumel and come over from the mainland. Many, perhaps you, want to swim with the amazing reefs and oceanic wildlife in person and help bring them back to balance.

With coral reefs in crisis, we need to reach a tipping point of awareness and successful protection and recovery programs. Fortunately, with the webcam, we can also reach people all over the world who would otherwise never be able to visit the ocean or a reef and invite them into this virtual aquarium. 

We are working with Sand Dollar Sports Dive Shop and other like-minded organizations to integrate participatory ecology programs and ways to reduce our negative impact on the oceans and the life forms that rely on them – including us humans. We have lots of ideas for promoting and protecting coral reefs:

  • Monitoring coral growth with photogrammetry to see changes in 3D
  • Finding great reef-safe product partners 
  • Live streaming projections onto buildings 
  • Creating 360 animation ~ ! 


You can learn more about some of our imminent plans and contribute HERE. 

Watch our Community page for our latest activities, partners, and ways to join in!

If you are interested in volunteering to care for Zoe in Cozumel, would like more information about the project or would like to be kept updated on Zoe's progress please fill out the form.